E Komo Mai

  • On behalf of Kamehameha Schools Faculty Association (KSFA), we are happy to welcome you to our WordPress site.  Here you will find information about our organization—by-laws, meeting minutes, newsletters and other interesting documents.
  • The KSFA constitution establishes our fundamental purpose as follows:  “Kamehameha Schools Faculty Association exists to articulate the professional concerns of Kamehameha teachers, and to express their strength and pride.  In partnership with trustees, administration, and parents, and guided by the spirit of Pauahi’s will, it places the educational needs of students above all considerations.”  In order to accomplish this, it is vital to maintain a strong, unified and independent faculty voice.  Your representatives work tirelessly towards these ends.
  • Note to Kapālama faculty : As a non-supervisory Kamehameha Schools (KS) employee on the A salary schedule here at Kapālama, you are a member of the bargaining unit.  This means that you enjoy benefits and protections not available to other KS employees and that any improvements KSFA negotiates will extend to you during the term of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). One of the primary jobs of KSFA is to make sure that you receive all of these benefits and provisions.
  • If you have questions about campus issues related to our contract and future negotiations, please contact your KSFA representative.  If you have questions about any labor-related issues, please take advantage of the link on our website to the Center for Labor Education and Research at UH West O’ahu.
  • Please feel free to make suggestions as to how we can improve this site.